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DUKE: He’s Back!

April 10th, 2022

by Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager

The (soon to be) 16 year old male osprey at the Barnegat Light Osprey Cam returned on April 8, 2022.

Many viewers of the Barnegat Light Osprey Cam have been anxiously waiting to see if the old male would return.. Right on time, he arrived on April 8, 2022! Two other males were attempting to take over his nest, but upon his arrival, he made sure to show them who was the king. We still have to make a video highlight, but there were a couple encounters caught on cam, where two males interlocked talons above the nest, with one falling into a dense stand of phragmites. It is hard to tell if one of these was Duke, but on April 9, he looked to be very healthy.

Being the most experienced adult male, he knows his role in a monogamous relationship, where he provides food to his mate, named Daisy. This alone is what strengthens their pair bond, and she knew that her old mate had returned. Other younger males were happy to try and mate with Daisy but they didn’t offer her food and this allowed Duke takeover the nest and win back his nest and mate.

This season should be another excellent one to watch and we are so happy to share it with the world. We thank all of our dedicated volunteer moderators and donors who help us keep the stream online and the live chat friendly and informative!

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6 Responses to “DUKE: He’s Back!”

  1. Spike says:

    Well… This just got interesting.. Didn’t it!

  2. Michael Academia says:

    Yay! Welcome back Duke! Thanks for the update!

  3. Lisa Kennedy says:

    This is great news!! Thanks for the update, Ben!

  4. Juat to let you know a pair of osprey has taken up housekeeping at the osprey platform on the slade dale bird sancuary in point pleasant , nj

  5. D Henry says:

    Fantastic news! Welcome home, Duke!

  6. mary lenahan says:

    How wonderful! And such a great picture of Duke!