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2016: Off to a good start

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016
Jersey City Falcons vocalizing on building ledge

by Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager

We’re really excited for the beginning of the peregrine falcon nesting season this year, especially for the pair that calls Jersey City home! We got this great video from Falcon Cam viewer Eric Chandler which shows the pair vocalizing to each other. Peregrine falcons mate for life and this will be the pair’s second nesting season. The first was not productive since they had just paired up and were too busy courting each other to raise any young.

Soon, over the skies of downtown Jersey City, the male will perform bold aerobatic flights over his eyrie (nest site) include loops, tight turns, and swooping dives. He also will provide the female with gifts to show his commitment to her – in the form of food, not a diamond ring. To help strengthen their pair bond (relationship) the male and female perform what is referred to as a “bowing” when they vocalize with a “ee-chupping” call which is seen in this short video.

We are in the process of activating the camera. We will let you know when it begins streaming on our website.