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Photos From the Field: Pilesgrove Eagle Nest Six Years Later

Thursday, April 30th, 2015
A Look at the Pilesgrove Eagles Nest Over Time (2009-2015)

By:Larissa Smith, Wildlife Biologist and Volunteer Manager

New Jersey Bald Eagle Project Volunteers Jeffrey and Cathy White have been monitoring the Pilesgrove eagle nest since the pair’s first nesting season in 2009. The pair has successfully raised and fledged 9 young for the past six years. This season the pair has two chicks which are currently six weeks old. Jeffrey took a photo of the nest on April 19, 2015. He then went back through his photos and found one that he taken on the same date April 19, 2009 in their first nesting season. This comparison really shows just how large eagle nests can get after years of use.

Pilesgrove nest 4/19/2009@J. White

Pilesgrove nest 4/19/2009 Photo by: J. White


Pilesgrove nest 4/19/2015@J. White

Pilesgrove nest 4/19/2015 Photo by: J. White

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Larissa Smith is a Wildlife Biologist and the Volunteer Manager for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.