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CWF’s Online Field Guide Expands

Monday, January 25th, 2016

By Michael Davenport, GIS Program Manager

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ’s online field guide, a one-of-a-kind free reference focused on New Jersey’s wildlife, has recently expanded to include 23 additional species. As a result of recent status reviews by the state’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program for reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies, additional species within the state will be receiving an imperiled status of either Endangered, Threatened, or Special Concern. Six reptile species are being added as well as four amphibians and thirteen butterfly species.


The Baltimore checkerspot, a species recently added to CWF’s on-line field guide. Photo courtesy of Eric C. Reuter.

Later this week, two additional blog entries will be posted regarding the status review process and the new listings. The posts will be: “Species Status Review process” (WEDNESDAY); and “How you can help fill-in data gaps” (FRIDAY).

The list of “new” species is below and each species name links to its field guide entry on our website:




Species in Decline

Monday, February 7th, 2011
New Status Listing provides protection for 108 species in New Jersey

By Mike Davenport, Marine Species & GIS Programs Manager

A juvenile sanderling probing the sand for food. © Mike Davenport

Our website features profiles on every one of New Jersey’s 73 Endangered or Threatened species in our Online Field Guide.  Now, we’re beginning to profile New Jersey’s Species of Special Concern.  The term “Species of Special Concern” applies to species that warrant special attention because of some evidence of decline, inherent vulnerability to environmental deterioration, or habitat modification that would result in their becoming a Threatened species. This category may also be applied to species that meet those criteria and for which there is little understanding of their current population status in the state.  There are currently 108 species within New Jersey with the Special Concern status.  So far, we have profiles for 18 of those species.

Please check back periodically as we update the website with more information.