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Cool Fact:

Ospreys have a "magical" attraction to nest sites that are over water.


Osprey Cam Interaction

This subpage of the Osprey Cam is where viewers can watch, ask questions, and leave comments about ospreys and the camera system.

UPDATE: 4/27/18

Camera system is offline due to some sort of corruption with networking equipment that is out at the nest. Since the pair is incubating eggs, we are unable to visit the nest to do any repairs. We are trying to work out the problem but it hasn't been easy... We appreciate the support.

New Jersey Osprey Project Manager, Ben Wurst, will respond to your comments to help educate viewers and create a better understanding of ospreys and their conservation in New Jersey. Jim Bowie is a camera operator and forum moderator. Jim's very knowledgable and will most likely answer your question right away! :)

Please keep any questions or comments on this page related to this particular nest and ospreys in New Jersey. Any other posts will be moderated appropriately. Thanks for your participation and understanding! We hope you enjoy watching ospreys as much as we do!! :)

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