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Did you know?

Each spring New Jersey is host to the largest concentration of shorebirds in North America.


Our Consultants

The individuals and companies working with us.

Image of Larry Niles holding a red knot during a banding expedition on the Delaware Bayshore.Zoom+ Larry Niles holding a red knot during a banding expedition on the Delaware Bayshore.
Larry Niles

Larry works with us on a variety of projects. He is the leader of the International Shorebird Project and our Habitat Conservation Project Initiative. An internationally respected wildlife biologist, Larry is the former chief of the Endangered and Nongame Species Program and one of the founders of Conserve Wildlife Foundation. Larry lives in deepest southern New Jersey in a house he, and his wife Mandy, built.


Image of YPTC logo
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC.

Financial management is very important to us so we turned to the one company that has specific experience in non-profit financial management. Your Part-Time Controller specializes in non-profit accounting and understands the needs, challenges and realities of doing business as a non-profit organization.


Image of Fusion Spark logo
Fusionspark Media

The team at Fusionspark Media conceived, designed and built our home on the internet. Understanding that a web presence is more than a mere website, Fusionspark created this vibrant, full and graphic-rich location. The fact that the people involved are also actively engaged in the natural world and in environmental issues made it a whole lot easier. They continue to work with us as we build our internet home and connect it with all our communication efforts.


Image of Fuzzy Dice Logo
Fuzzy Dice Design

We want our newsletter Tracks, our brochures and other publications to share a common look and a common theme so that readers know our mission and how they can support it. Fuzzy Dice Design helps us to do this by bringing their graphic design skills to all our publications especially our newsletter Tracks and our wonderful Species on the Edge Calendar.


Image of consultants - Duffield
Duffield Associates

Duffield Associates worked with us to restore a site inside Bass River State Forest in Bass River Township, NJ. We awarded them a contract to assist us with the design and implementation of our habitat enhancement project there. The project focuses on removing invasive species, planting scrub-shrub habtat and removing and restoring a freshwater wetland edge.

Duffield Assoc. had a very unique approach to this project. For over thirty years, Duffield Associates has been providing engineering and consulting for government, industrial, construction, and professional clients.

Since their inception, Duffield Associates has been a leader in sustainable design. They employ strategies that provide well-conceived, high quality, and cost-effective solutions for their clients that also protect and sustain the environment around us. They recognize the relationship between the built and natural environments, and continuously seek innovative design solutions that will protect, restore, and enhance both.

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