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Conservation Projects

American Oystercatcher Project

The American oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus) is listed as a species of special conservation concern in New Jersey. We work to monitor and protect American oystercatchers in New Jersey and throughout other parts of its range.

Amphibian Conservation

Since the 1970s worldwide amphibian populations have been in decline. Habitat loss is the main cause of declines but pollution, habitat degradation, invasive species, and a changing climate are also important factors.

Amphibians Crossing!

Since 2002 we have worked to protect early-spring breeding amphibians like the wood frog, spotted salamander, jefferson salamander, and spring peeper during their annual migrations, which often lead them across perilous roadways.

Bahamas Piping Plover Conservation Project

The Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) is a small sand-colored shorebird that spends the fall and winter months on the Southeast Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the U.S., the Caribbean, and Mexico. Recent research has revealed that the majority of the Atlantic Coast population, which breeds on beaches and shorelines from North Carolina to Maine in the U.S. and Eastern Canada, winters in the Bahamas.

Bald Eagle Project

We help manage and protect bald eagles to ensure their long term survival. In 2023, 267 nesting pairs of bald eagles were monitored in New Jersey. 255 of these nests were active (laid eggs) and produced 309 young.

Bat Project

Read about our work to help protect New Jersey's bat population.

Beach Nesting Bird Project

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ tirelessly works to monitor and protect beach nesting birds in New Jersey.

Bog Turtle Habitat Evaluation

Conserve Wildlife Foundation is assessing historic bog turtle sites for future habitat restoration projects.

Grassland Project

Conserve Wildlife Foundation has partnered with several other organizations to protect, create, and manage grasslands in New Jersey.

Great Bay Terrapin Project

Conserving terrapins on southern Barnegat Bay and Great Bay through species management, education, and awareness.

New Jersey Osprey Project

Conserve Wildlife Foundation plays an active role in helping to manage and protect ospreys in New Jersey.

Peregrine Falcon Project

We work closely with NJDEP Fish & Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program to help monitor the peregrine falcon population in New Jersey.

Pollinator Conservation

Across the world pollinators are in trouble - and New Jersey is no exception. From the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the beverages we drink, to the habitats that surround us - we all depend on pollinators. We are working to preserve our wild native species and encourage everyone to play a role in ensuring pollinating species continue to thrive for years to come.

Project RedBand

A citizen-science based banding and re-sighting project on Barnegat Bay that is menat to engage locals and visitors to the New Jersey coast in osprey management and conservation.

Delaware Bay Shorebird Project

The spring migration of shorebirds through Delaware Bay is one of the world’s most magnificent wildlife spectacles – and one of the most imperiled.

Ghost Crab Pot Project

Crabbing has been an annual tradition of residents and visitors to the Barnegat Bay region. Yet when those crab pots are abandoned or adrift, they can become death traps for local wildlife, including at-risk species like diamondback terrapin.