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Wildlife Fact:

The barred owl hunts by waiting on a high perch at night, or flying through the woods and swooping down on prey.


Days of the Peregrine

Teach about Peregrine Falcons in your Classroom!

Image of The nesting pair at 101 Hudson St. Jersey City, NJ. This is a new pair since 2015.Zoom+ The nesting pair at 101 Hudson St. Jersey City, NJ. This is a new pair since 2015.

CWF's Falcon Cams provide inspiration and educational opportunities for teachers who want to bring New Jersey’s wildlife into their classrooms.

A species once extinct on the eastern seaboard of the United States is flying high again in the state of New Jersey. In 2019, 38 pairs of peregrine falcons nested in New Jersey. Educating the future citizens of New Jersey is one important way of ensuring their continued recovery.

As of 2017, CWF is proud to feature two Falcon Cams on our website - one on the rooftop of 101 Hudson Street in Jersey City and the other on top of the Union County courthouse. The webcams capture the falcon pairs' every move, allowing viewers the rare opportunity to see peregrines court, incubate, and raise their young. It is a perfect tool for teaching about wildlife and covers a variety of topics including animal behavior, bird biology and natural history, endangered species, food webs, contamination, and MORE!

Image of Two week old peregrine nestlings at a nest site in Stone Habor, New Jersey.Zoom+ Two week old peregrine nestlings at a nest site in Stone Habor, New Jersey. © Ben Wurst

It’s not just for science! It can be used in many different subject areas including science, social studies, language arts, and technology.

To help incorporate the peregrine falcon into your lesson plans, CWF developed The Peregrine Project, a curriculum guide using the peregrine falcon as its focus to teach reading, writing, science, geography, technology, and art.

Addressing the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, the 23 lessons are multi-disciplinary. The lessons build off one another, first discussing birds in general and then focusing on birds of prey and finally onto peregrine falcons.

We hope that you find the Peregrine Project Curriculum inspirational as well as helpful in your teaching of birds of prey, and specifically peregrine falcons.

Classroom Activites and Lessons


Download Grade 1 - 5_Peregrine Curriculum

Grade 1 - 5_Peregrine Curriculum - 1.5MB
The Peregrine Project Curriculum Guide for Teachers

Download Grade 2_Birds of Prey

Grade 2_Birds of Prey - 411.4KB
A second grade lesson for students to expand their research skills by learning more about birds of prey.

  • Download Example_Birds of Prey - Osprey

    Example_Birds of Prey - Osprey - 2.0MB
    Example of the Birds of Prey research project created by Diane Cook's second grade class of Flemington-Raritan School District.

Download Grade 3 and 4_Blogging Using Live Cams

Grade 3 and 4_Blogging Using Live Cams - 729.8KB
A third and fourth grade lesson plan developed for a digital writing experience.

Flexible Grade Level

Download Shrinking Habitat

Shrinking Habitat - 32.4KB
Students learn what are essential needs for survival. Students then simulate a habitat and the process of that habitat being lost to development.

Download Build a Raptor

Build a Raptor - 55.8KB
Students discover the incredible diversity of birds while finding out that raptors are a special group of birds that have unique adaptations that help them survive.

Download Deadly Links

Deadly Links - 198.1KB
Students learn about pesticides, how pesticides enter the food chain and affect birds of prey.

Additional Resources


Download Adopt a Species - Peregrine falcon

Adopt a Species - Peregrine falcon - 170.4KB
Detailed information about the Peregrine falcon in New Jersey.

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