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Scout Programs

Conserve Wildlife Foundation offers field experiences for New Jersey's Scouts developed to meet badge requirements!

CWF's Scout Programs offers a variety of outdoor educational and recreational field experiences to help New Jersey's Scouts earn their badges while exploring the wonderful diversity of our state's wildlife and the habitats they live, breed and migrate through. CWF is dedicated to helping kids become stewards of our environment to ensure that we are "Keeping Wildlife in our Future."

Image of Scouts building bat houses.Scouts building bat houses.

The applicable Girl Scout Badges that fit into CWF's field experience opportunities include: Animal Habitats, Outdoor Art Explorer, Outdoor Art Creator, Outdoor Art Apprentice, Bugs, Outdoor Adventurer, Hiker, Woodworker and Animal Helpers.


The applicable Boy Scout Badges that fit into CWF's field experience opportunities include: Birds, Fish and Wildlife Management, Nature, Reptile and Amphibian, Environmental Science and Endangered Species.

For more information, contact:

Rachel McGovern, Education Director: Email

Be Prepared in the Field

Image of 2017 cwf hats

Did you sign up for the Sedge Island Ecotour for Scouts? Make sure you're field ready with CWF gear!


Ask An Expert

Image of Short-eared owl.

Have a question about wildlife or threatened or endangered species in New Jersey. Ask away and we'll do our best to give you a wise and informed answer.