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Wildlife Fact:

Immature bald eagles do not acquire the typical white head and tail until they are four to five years of age.

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Current Edition:
Download Tracks Spring 2020

Tracks Spring 2020 - 742.4KB
Feature story on peregrine falcons, a new terrapin garden, grassland bird survey, rare beach plants, beach nesting bird habitat restoration and more.

Past Editions:

Download Tracks Fall 2019

Tracks Fall 2019 - 677.1KB
Feature story on the record number of bald eagles in 2019, dispatch from the beach about shore birds and plants, saving diamond back terripins, helping osprey, reTurning the favor for horseshoe crabs, and more.

Download TRACKS Summer 2019

TRACKS Summer 2019 - 6.6MB
Feature story about black skimmers on how biologists are managing this at risk species, the recovery of bald eagles to 168 nesting pairs, our amphibian crossing project, new osprey cam and work boat, piping plover habitat enhancement and more!

Download Summer 2015 TRACKS

Summer 2015 TRACKS - 7.6MB
Protecting New Jersey's Beloved Beach Nesting Birds, Tracking a Federally Listed Bat Species across New Jersey, Conserving Warblers on Private Lands, Restoring Delaware Bay, CWF "Gets Interactive" with an Array of New Story Maps, and MORE!

Download Winter 2014 TRACKS

Winter 2014 TRACKS - 774.9KB
Feature article about Bobcats and an interview with the biologists who work with them; Free E-book celebrates Bald Eagles' All-American Recovery; Tracking Ospreys with Project Redbans; American Oystercatcher "Story Map" Allows Viewers to Get Interactive Online; CWF Enviels Species on the Edge 2.0 and MORE!

Download Summer 2014 TRACKS

Summer 2014 TRACKS - 4.2MB
Feature article about the Piping Plover; New film celebrating Delaware Bay beach restoration; Geolocators help track Kestrels on migratory journeys; CWF webcams connecting wildlife adventures to computer screens around the world; Forum connects businesses with Campaign for a Healthy Barnegat Bay, Connecting School Kids Across Cultures in Campaign for Piping Plovers; and MORE!

Download Tracks - Spring 2014

Tracks - Spring 2014 - 741.7KB
Feature article about the Peregrine Falcon; Circle of Winners Club; Wildlife Goes to School; Women & Wildlife Awards; High-Flying Family, Bald Eagle Education; and MORE!

Download TRACKS - December 2013

TRACKS - December 2013 - 790.2KB
Feature article about the Eastern Tiger Salamander; Partnership with Disney to study Piping Plovers; PeregrineCam Upgrade Appeal: Christmas Bird Count; Essex County House Party brings wildlife and art to life; Behind the Scenes - Courtney Zinna, CWF Intern and MORE!

Download TRACKS - July 2013

TRACKS - July 2013 - 1.0MB
Feature article about the Humpback Whale; Another Wildlife Disease: On the Hunt for Ranavirus in New Jersey; Newark Students Enjoy Island Beach through WILDCHILD Program; Winners of the 2013 Species on the Edge Art & Essay Contest; CWF Builds New Habitat for Shorebirds and Horseshoe Crabs; Behind the Scenes - Gabrielle Flora, CWF Intern and more!

Download Tracks, December 2012

Tracks, December 2012 - 936.0KB
Featured article about the bog turtle, Moving Forward for Amphibians: "Our Pipe Dream", Hurricane Sandy storm report, Osprey Cam, 2012 Species Status Report, Return of the Raptors Event, Species on the Edge, Behind the Scenes with Nelson Melendez, and more!

Download Tracks July 2012

Tracks July 2012 - 760.0KB
Feature article about the Northern Metalmark butterfly, Valuing Nature, Women & Wildlife Awards, Species on the Edge, Life Along the Delaware Bayshore Book, Behind the Scenes article about Stephanie Egger, and more!

Download Tracks, March 2012

Tracks, March 2012 - 734.9KB
Feature article about the Tidewater Mucket, Listing towards recovery, Species on the Edge, Searching the Treetops, behind the scenes article about Karena DiLeo, and more!

Download TRACKS - Winter 2011

TRACKS - Winter 2011 - 1.6MB
Feature article about the Allegheny woodrat, beneficial bats, Annual Golf Classic, human hands rebuild eagle nest, behind the scenes article on Brian Henderson, and more!

Download TRACKS - June 2011

TRACKS - June 2011 - 1.3MB
Feature article about the Eastern box turtle, our partnership with NJ State Parks, Woman & Wildlife awards a success, Species of Special Concern, behind the scenes article on volunteer Rhonda Whombel, and more!

Download TRACKS - March 2011

TRACKS - March 2011 - 862.9KB
Feature articles about the Northern Pine Snake, Women & Wildlife Honorees announced, Wildlife Action Plan in Action, Kids raising money for wildlife, behind the scenes article on volunteer Maureen Barrett, and more!

Download TRACKS - January 2011

TRACKS - January 2011 - 1.4MB
Feature articles about the American kestrel, EagleCam updates and more, Wild Outdoor Expo, 2010 Species status update, 2011 Sedge Island Field Experience, behind the scenes article on Bob Coleman, and more!

Download TRACKS - September 2010

TRACKS - September 2010 - 516.0KB
Feature articles about the Indiana bat, our annual golf event, Bat Project house party, Species on the Edge 2011 Contest, Sedge Island Summer Camp, behind the scenes article on Ben Wurst, and more!

Download TRACKS - June 2010

TRACKS - June 2010 - 1.3MB
Feature articles about the Shortnose Sturgeon, beachnesting birds, Wildlife Action Plan Implementation Workshops, Get Outdoors New Jersey, Women & Wildlife Awards, Terrapin House Party, Carol Slocum Memorial, Species on the Edge Contest winners, and behind the scenes article on Larissa Smith.

Download TRACKS - March 2010

TRACKS - March 2010 - 2.4MB
Feature articles about the Blue-spotted salamander, bald eagles, Endangered Generation documentary, habitat restoration, fans on Facebook, and behind the scenes article on Rick Weiman.

Download TRACKS - January 2009

TRACKS - January 2009 - 923.5KB
Feature articles about the Brook snaketail dragonfly, getting outdoors, our generous members, Wildlife Action Plan in action report, amphibian crossing project, bats, and behind the scenes article on Allen Barlow.

Download TRACKS - June 2009

TRACKS - June 2009 - 1.3MB
Feature articles about the Fisher cat, a new CWF trustee, Ocean Drive Marathon, Wildlife Action Plan in Action, wildlife friendly community in Montclair, Species on the Edge contest winners, and behind the scenes article on Mike Davenport.

Download TRACKS - September 2009

TRACKS - September 2009 - 706.4KB
Feature articles about the Red-shouldered hawk, beach nesting birds, new Adopt a Species design, an update on white-nose syndrome in bats, and behind the scenes article on Sarah Shuhart.

Download TRACKS - December 2009

TRACKS - December 2009 - 2.2MB
Feature articles about the Atlantic loggerhead turtle, CWF events, wildlife monitoring tool for shorebirds, 2009 Status report, EagleCam, save the terrapins appeal, and behind the scenes article on Maria Grace.

Download TRACKS - March 2008

TRACKS - March 2008 - 583.9KB
Feature articles about the American oystercatchers, calling frogs and toads, red knot documentary, 2008 Women and Wildlife awards, building a better bat gate, and behind the scenes article on Todd Pover.

Download TRACKS - June 2008

TRACKS - June 2008 - 759.5KB
Feature articles about the Boblink, CWF World Series of Birding Team, Horseshoe crab harvest ban, a Legacy gift for the peregrines, and behind the scenes article on MacKenzie Hall.

Download TRACKS - September 2008

TRACKS - September 2008 - 755.0KB
Feature articles about Pinnipeds (seals), our golf fundraiser, implementing the Wildlife Action Plan, Adopt a Species in the classroom, enhancing peregrine nesting habitat at the Palisades, and behind the scenes article on John Braun.

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