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Our Species

Learn about the endangered, threatened, and rare species of wildlife that can be found in New Jersey.

Species Field Guide

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New Jersey may be the most densly populated state in the U.S., but it is also one of the most diverse. It is home to many different species of wildlife, from Bald eagles to Northeastern beach tiger beetles.

There are 84 species listed as endangered or threatened in New Jersey. Use our field guide to learn about the species at risk.


Threats to Wildlife in NJ

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Our wildlife face a variety of threats that test their ability to survive and reproduce. The survival of every species of wildlife is critical to preserving our state’s rich biodiversity and unique natural history.

Major threats to wildlife include habitat loss, climate change, invasive/exotic species, pollution, illegal trapping, and accidental deaths.


Species Spotlight

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Humpback Whale: Humpback Whales are a favorite amongst whale watchers due to their acrobatic, highly visible surface activities and their tendency to stay close to the coast.


Species of Special Concern

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This special listing applies to a diverse variety of wildlife in New Jersey. Learn about some of the species in decline and ways you can help.