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Learn about our work with endangered and threatened species of wildlife like Peregrine falcons, Piping plovers, and Ospreys.

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2019- 2020 Monthly Podcast Series

The State of Change podcast explores how climate change is affecting wildlife in New Jersey.

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New Jersey has more people per square mile than any other state by far. It’s not an easy place for wildlife to survive. Yet countless wildlife species from bald eagles to bobcats are doing just that.

But what happens when you inject climate change into the mix? Superstorms and sea level rise, coastal erosion and salt water intrusion, invasive species, disrupted life cycles and wildlife disease.

Hosted by CWF executive director David Wheeler and produced by Matt Wozniak, each State of Change episode highlights a different climate change issue – and every story helps paint a portion of the big picture of our changing world. Each episode is available on Castbox (through links below), Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Deezer.

State of Change Episodes

Episode 1: Saving Beach Nesting Birds

As the threat of climate change looms over New Jersey, one of the types of wildlife in the most immediate danger are beach nesting birds. Already pushed into small enclaves by the explosive urban development on the Jersey shore, sea level rise and powerful storms threaten their future.

Episode 2: The Red Knot's Journey

Red knots are a species of bird whose migratory lifestyle takes them annually from their breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic to the southern tip of Argentina. Sadly climate change and other threats put them in danger at every stop along the way.

Episode 3: Pollinators in Peril

Pollinators are among the most important animals on the planet. A massive portion of the Earth's plants rely on them to be able to reproduce and continue as a species. Development and climate change are putting the future of pollinators and therefore the future of our planet at risk.

Episode 4: The Terrapin's Trouble

The Diamondback Terrapin is one of the most beloved species of New Jersey's coastal salt marshes. This popularity has not protected them from the rapid development of our coast however and as the effects of climate change are felt their very future is called into question.

Episode 5: The Bat's Misunderstood Identity

Bats are one of nature's most misunderstood species. They strike fear in the hearts of many people but in reality they are incredibly beneficial to us. Bats face a multitude of threats and it is up to us to learn to understand and coexist with them if they are to have a future in our state.

Episode 6: Covid-19 and Wildlife

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing global shutdowns, how has wildlife reacted to the absence of humans in New Jersey - and across the world? What impacts are we seeing so far, and what should we expect in the long-term? Conserve Wildlife Foundation executive director David Wheeler joins host Matt Wozniak in this special episode exploring the broad array of surprising wildlife sightings being reported across the globe, the response of wildlife to reduced human activity, and the changes that society can make to reduce the chances of future zoonotic diseases gaining a foothold.

Episode 7: Ancient Sturgeon Faces Modern Threats

A 'living fossil' today swims New Jersey's Delaware River, having swam with dinosaurs and survived the early-1900s caviar craze for its roe. But modern threats like saltwater intrusion and pollution have the Atlantic sturgeon facing a challenging future. Researcher Dewayne Fox and Delaware Riverkeeper Maya Van Rossum join CWF in exploring this incredible story of resiliency against daunting odds.

Subscribe to State of Change from Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox or Deezer. New episodes will also be posted here and on our blog.

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