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Soaring with STEAM Classroom Programs

Education is a vital component to protecting New Jersey’s wildlife. Our Soaring with STEAM Classroom Programs allows us to share the stories of New Jersey’s rare wildlife with students throughout the state and beyond.

Image of Cope's gray treefrogZoom+ Cope's gray treefrog © Dave Golden

Learning about their wildlife neighbors – and identifying the threats to these animals’ survival – teaches children to consider how their everyday actions impact the natural world around them and determine how each of us can protect our natural resources through simple conservation efforts.

CWF’s Soaring with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) educational programming is fundamental to the long-term success of CWF’s wildlife conservation mission, and participating students benefit academically right now and in the future.

CWF’s wildlife curricula uses structured lessons and interactive hands on activities to address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and National Art Standards to deliver quality STEAM programs through monthly in-school lessons, live wildlife visits, guest speakers from New Jersey’s top scientists, culminating and experiential field trips to help students reach their optimal potential to learn.

Image of Modeling osprey platforms with students sparks interest in engineering and wildlife biology.Zoom+ Modeling osprey platforms with students sparks interest in engineering and wildlife biology.

Success is evaluated through both quantitative and qualitative data analysis measuring outcomes such as student proficiency increases, social and emotional learning, program curriculum and pedagogical quality.

Soaring with STEAM engages, excites and inspires youth in making science exploration fun and teaching students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers. We are working to show these students that science is a viable career option – and one which is more important and in demand than ever. CWF programming creates a pipeline of opportunities assisting underserved students in a trajectory to enter into STEM careers, beginning early to inspire and motivate early childhood and elementary school students and continuing to build that experience through middle school and high school.

Our educational program model includes:

  • Data collection and analysis for specific indicators and outcomes of success
  • Differentiated instructional options to meet the diverse needs of each district school and community
  • Certified teachers and science professionals teach each class.
  • Standards aligned curriculum that reinforces what is being taught in your classroom
  • Live wildlife and experiential learning experiences for each class

For More Information, Contact

Ethan Gilardi, CWF Biologist: Email