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Wildlife Fact:

The song of the grasshopper sparrow is a buzz resembling the sound made by a grasshopper.


Union County Falcon Cam Interaction

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ is proud to partner with Union County to stream this falcon nest live from the roof of the County Courthouse in downtown Elizabeth, New Jersey. This page was created to allow viewers to interact with each other and biologists.


Buildings and their owners/managers have played an important role in the successful recovery of Peregrine falcons in New Jersey. After a pair attempted to nest (and were unsuccessful) here in 2005, building managers took action to give these birds a second chance. Since windy conditions made nesting on the roof impossible, Union County staff, as directed by state wildlife zoologist Kathy Clark, installed a Dogloo, also referred to as a "Peregloo" to provide a more suitable nest site. After installing the Peregloo, the nesting pair was productive! Since then the site has been occupied by falcons. In 2016, there was a turnover at the nest and the female was replaced with a young adult. Then in 2019, the current female (who is unbanded), named "Frida" replaced the previous female.

As mentioned above, this page was created for those who wish to communicate with other viewers and post screenshots, video clips or ask questions. We ask that everyone please review our live chat policy, which includes Disqus. Please be kind, courteous and don't use this as a place to complain if you're aren't happy! All comments below will be moderated as needed. For complaints, please send those to CWF Senior Biologist, Ben Wurst, who helps manage the UC Falcon Cam. For nest updates, please visit the main Union County Falcon Cam page.

Thank you for your support!


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