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New Jersey's Wildlife Action Plan

Conserving and restoring habitat, connecting lands and waters, and cooperating across ownerships.

New Jersey’s rare wildlife is managed by a variety of federal, state and non-profit organizations operating across the state on private and public lands. New Jersey’s Wildlife Action Plan is the blueprint that these groups follow to advance rare wildlife conservation through species management, habitat restoration, research, and education.

The plan is designed to provide anyone interested in rare and imperiled wildlife with an opportunity to take action. It is organized by breaking the state into 6 Landscape Regions which are further divided into Conservation Zones.

The 6 Landscape Regions are:

  • Coastal
  • Delaware Bay
  • Marine
  • Piedmont Plains
  • Pinelands
  • Skylands
Image of New Jersey's six Wildlife Action Plan regions.Zoom+ New Jersey's six Wildlife Action Plan regions.

For each Conservation Zone, threats to wildlife are described as well as conservation goals and actions in order to address these threats. Conservation actions have been prioritized to show which actions are most important for each Zone.

New Jersey’s Wildlife Action Plan was developed by the DEP’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, with help from the general public, the state's conservation groups and other stakeholders. The Plan is a comprehensive blueprint, which identifies the threats facing our wildlife populations and establishes long-term goals and conservation actions aimed at maintaining those populations. Since the development of New Jersey’s Wildlife Action Plan, stakeholders from across the state have been involved in prioritizing implementation of the plan.

Additional information regarding the Wildlife Action Plan can be found here.

Download 2011 NJ State Wildlife Grant Project Summaries

2011 NJ State Wildlife Grant Project Summaries - 1.8MB
The State Wildlife Grant Project Summaries booklet was developed to educate our legislators about the success of the Wildlife Action Plan and the ways in which State Wildlife Grants are used to protect and enhance biodiversity in New Jersey.

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