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Learn about our work with New Jersey's rarest residents!

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Raptor Lesson Plans

Teach about raptors in your classroom!

Image of All smiles... banded Bald eagle chicks in their nest in Princeton Township.All smiles... banded Bald eagle chicks in their nest in Princeton Township.

Wildlife webcams are used to address a variety of research and educational objectives, and are innovative tools for learning about animal behavior. They also help watchers develop a connection to a place and the wildlife that lives there. CWF and Duke Farms are fortunate to co-host a wildlife cam that observes a pair of nesting bald eagles. The pair has returned to the property each year since 2012 and cam views are nearing 12 million!

Image of Eagle Kit for educators!Zoom+ Eagle Kit for educators!

The Duke Farms Eagle Cam is also gaining traction in classrooms across the country as a useful tool to engage all age levels in a wide variety of subject areas. We’ve partnered with Duke Farms to host the cam, connect teachers to biologists and develop lesson plans and teacher training workshops. We also worked with IDE Corps to develop NGSS unit plans to expand our webcam resources. This year, we’re thrilled launch another FREE resource for teachers- The Duke Farms Eagle Kit!

  • NEW Free Resource: Reserve your Eagle Kit!We've compiled all of our eagle-themed lessons, several storybooks and field guides, life-sized replicas of an eagle egg, skull, and talon, a life-sized wingspan cutout and vinyl eagle photo and even an eagle costume! Eagle Kits are free for educators to borrow for up to three weeks at a time.
  • Free Resource: "Duke Farms' Bald Eagles" is a free, photo-rich e-book — viewable online on any computer or tablet — that provides everything you need to know about the eagles, their celebrated nest, and the brand-new high-definition EagleCam that enables viewers around the world to watch the eagle family at any time of day or night.
  • Free Resource: "Bald Eagles in the Meadowlands & Beyond" is a free, 62-page online book by New Jersey Meadowlands Commission and Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

Classroom Activities and Lessons

Jump start your use of the webcam as a tool for learning in the classroom.



Download Grade K_NGSS Unit_Eagles are Back

Grade K_NGSS Unit_Eagles are Back - 971.1KB
In this kindergarten NGSS-aligned unit, students use the Duke Farms eagle webcam to observe bald eagles and construct an understanding of what eagles need from their habitat to survive and raise their young.

Download Grades K - 2_Graphing Using Live Cam

Grades K - 2_Graphing Using Live Cam - 895.5KB
Second grade lesson plan developed for students to gain an appreciation for the natural world. Can also be developed for kindergarten and first grade with modifications.

Download Grade 2_Birds of Prey

Grade 2_Birds of Prey - 411.4KB
A second grade lesson for students to expand their research skills by learning more about birds of prey.

  • Download Example_Birds of Prey - Osprey

    Example_Birds of Prey - Osprey - 2.0MB
    Example of the Birds of Prey research project created by Diane Cook's second grade class of Flemington-Raritan School District.

Download Grade 3 and 4_Blogging Using Live Cams

Grade 3 and 4_Blogging Using Live Cams - 729.8KB
A third and fourth grade lesson plan developed for a digital writing experience.

Download Grade 5_NGSS Unit Plans_Modeling Bald Eagle Habitats

Grade 5_NGSS Unit Plans_Modeling Bald Eagle Habitats - 483.8KB
In this fifth grade NGSS-aligned unit, students use observations from the Duke Farms eagle webcam and a visit to Duke Farms (or a similar location) to construct a systems model of a bald eagles’ habitat.

Download Computer Literacy_Creating Digital Stories Using Eagle Cam

Computer Literacy_Creating Digital Stories Using Eagle Cam - 417.4KB
Students will follow the life cycle of the bald eagle and create a digital story to tell the story of the bald eagle in New Jersey.

Middle School

Download Middle School Earth Science_NGSS Unit_Green Energy Safe for the Bald Eagle

Middle School Earth Science_NGSS Unit_Green Energy Safe for the Bald Eagle - 289.4KB
In this middle school NGSS-aligned earth science unit, students explore the Duke Farms bald eagle cam feed and historical footage as well as documentation of recent Duke Farms conservation and sustainability efforts.

Download Middle School_Birds of Prey - Who Done It?

Middle School_Birds of Prey - Who Done It? - 653.0KB
Middle School level forensics lesson developed by 2016 EagleCam lesson plan contest winner Lauren Kurzius of Manville School District.

High School

Download High School Life Science_NGSS Unit_Symbol for Change

High School Life Science_NGSS Unit_Symbol for Change - 312.1KB
In this high school NGSS-aligned life science unit, students explore the impact of climate change on bald eagle populations.

Flexible Grade Level

Download Shrinking Habitat

Shrinking Habitat - 32.4KB
Students learn what are essential needs for survival. Students then simulate a habitat and the process of that habitat being lost to development.

Download Build a Raptor

Build a Raptor - 55.8KB
Students discover the incredible diversity of birds while finding out that raptors are a special group of birds that have unique adaptations that help them survive.

Download Deadly Links

Deadly Links - 198.1KB
Students learn about pesticides, how pesticides enter the food chain and affect birds of prey.

Additional Resources


Download 2017 Duke Farms Eagle Cam FAQ_UPDATED

2017 Duke Farms Eagle Cam FAQ_UPDATED - 406.2KB
Frequently asked questions about the Duke Farms Eagle Cam.

Download Introducing Bald Eagles & EagleCam To Your Students

Introducing Bald Eagles & EagleCam To Your Students - 1.6MB
Students learn more about Bald Eagles & EagleCam with this presentation.

Download Fun Facts about the Bald Eagle

Fun Facts about the Bald Eagle - 132.4KB
Learn fun facts about bald eagles in New Jersey.

Download Adopt a Species - Bald eagle

Adopt a Species - Bald eagle - 197.5KB
Detailed information about the Bald eagle in New Jersey.

Download 2015 EagleCam Journal

2015 EagleCam Journal - 223.5KB
Using this journal, students create their own hypotheses and make their own observations and conclusions while watching the Duke Farms EagleCam.

Download Eagle Food Observations

Eagle Food Observations - 77.3KB
A citizen science opportunity for your students! Larissa Smith, CWF eagle biologist, wants to know what the parents are feeding the chicks. Here's a simple data sheet for your classes to use.

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