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Website articles and field guide information.

Bat Project

Read about our work to help protect New Jersey's bat population.

Indiana Bat

Because of steep population declines over many decades, this sensitive species is considered endangered throughout its entire midwest-to-eastern US range.

Summer Bat Count

Got Bats? Help us keep tabs on New Jersey's bat populations.

Acoustic Bat Monitoring

High-tech and hands-off: New tools allow for rapid bat surveys statewide.

White-Nose Syndrome Research

A deadly fungus shifts the focus of bat conservation work.

Bats In Buildings

Information to help assess and address bat problems in the home.

Northern Long-Eared Bat Mist Netting and Radio Telemetry Study

Tracking a federally listed bat species across New Jersey

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Indiana bat

Species Link

Big brown bat

Species Link

Silver-haired bat

Species Link

Red bat

Species Link

Hoary bat

Species Link

Eastern small-footed myotis

Species Link

Little brown bat

Species Link

Northern myotis

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Tricolored bat