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Website articles and field guide information.

Shorebird Media

Photos, videos, news, publications, and other resources about migratory shorebirds on Delaware Bay.

How You Can Help Shorebirds

There are several ways in which you can help New Jersey's shorebirds - donate, volunteer, or purchase a Conserve Wildlife license plate!

Delaware Bay Shorebird Project

The spring migration of shorebirds through Delaware Bay is one of the world’s most magnificent wildlife spectacles – and one of the most imperiled.

Shorebird Project Key Species

Learn more about New Jersey's shorebirds as well as the horseshoe crabs which play a critical role in their survival.

Shorebird Research

Various methods are used to study shorebirds in New Jersey and along their migration route.

Shorebird Conservation

Shorebird conservation relies upon protection of shorebirds themselves as well as protection of their prey and habitat.

American Oystercatcher Project

The American oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus) is listed as a species of special conservation concern in New Jersey. We work to monitor and protect American oystercatchers in New Jersey and throughout other parts of its range.

Extinct & Extirpated Species of NJ

New Jersey was once home to many more species than are here today. Extinction and extirpation have robbed the state of much of its natural heritage. However, by examining what species we've lost and the reasons why they disappeared, we may learn from mistakes of the past to avoid future losses.

Extinct Species of New Jersey

These five species have been lost forever from, not just New Jersey, but the entire planet. Their stories may help us understand how to better protect the species we still have.

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Ruddy turnstone

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Semipalmated plover

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Black-bellied plover

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Short-billed dowitcher

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Semipalmated sandpiper

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American oystercatcher

Standing nearly a foot and a half tall with a long, straight orange-red bill, the stocky black, brown, and white oystercatcher is not easily overlooked. Their loud calls and gregarious behavior makes them even harder to miss.

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Red knot

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Horseshoe crab