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Website articles and field guide information.

Report a Sighting of a Northern Diamondback Terrapin

Please use this form (or the state's Rare Wildlife Sighting Report Form) to report the sighting of a Northern diamondback terrapin in New Jersey. We will use this important data to help conserve terrapins in New Jersey.

Great Bay Terrapin Project

Conserving terrapins on southern Barnegat Bay and Great Bay through species management, education, and awareness.

Turtle Gardens

Like to garden? Love turtles? Live along the coast of New Jersey? Then you're in the right place!

Removing Abandoned Fishing Gear for a Safer Barnegat Bay

Conserve Wildlife Foundation is leading the charge to remove dangerous, abandoned fishing gear throughout the watershed.

Species Link

Northern diamondback terrapin

Northern diamondback terrapins are listed as a species of special concern in New Jersey. Here you will find detailed information including identification, life history, current threats, status, and conservation.