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Friday, February 28th 2014

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Amphibian Amble


Time & Place

7:30 - 9:00 pm
Howell Living History Farm: 70 Woodens Lane, Lambertville NJ 08530

More Information

(609) 737-3299 | Web | Map

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On warm, wet evenings every spring, a natural phenomenon takes place in the forests around us that most people will never encounter the annual amphibian migration. Hordes of frogs and salamanders awaken from their winter dormancy with one thing on their mind: finding a mate. To see these amphibians in action, most folks need to be dressed in thermal layers, water-proof boots, a raincoat, and winter hat and gloves. But for an upcoming experience at Howell Living History Farm, you can leave all of that at home.

Join Nature Center Manager Kelly Rypkema and County Naturalist Jenn Rogers when they present “An Amphibian Amble,” a program devoted to the fascinating lives of vernal pool amphibians. The evening will uncover the players of this mating and migration drama, what they are striving for and the obstacles they have to overcome.

The program will conclude with an introduction to the Amphibian Crossing Project, a citizen science project organized by the Conserve Wildlife Foundation. Information will be available to program attendees who are interested in volunteering for the project.

“An Amphibian Amble” will take place inside Howell Farm’s heated, 19th-century barn. The program is part of the “Naturally Friends” series that focuses on the beneficial relationships that exist between farmers and the wildlife that lives on and around farms. Parking and admission are free, but a $3-per-person donation is suggested. Proceeds benefit the educational programs of the Mercer County Naturalist Program and Wildlife Center.


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